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Random Boolena Generator

This tool is perfect for developers, data analysts, and educators needing large volumes of boolean values for simulations, statistical modeling, or educational purposes. It provides a clear visual representation of true/false distribution.

Privacy-Focused Mock Data Creation

At MockDataGen, we prioritize your privacy and security. Our platform operates entirely locally without the need for user accounts or login. All data generation and processing happen on your device, ensuring that no user-generated data is stored or at risk. This approach guarantees the utmost confidentiality and minimizes privacy concerns, making it a safe choice for all users.

Features at a Glance

Key features include the ability to rapidly generate a high volume of boolean values, real-time graphical representation of data distribution, and a variety of export options (JSON, XML, CSV, TXT) for diverse application needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can generate up to 1 million boolean values quickly.

Absolutely, the tool provides a real-time proportion chart.

Yes, you can export in JSON, XML, CSV, and TXT formats.

Yes, it's well-suited for teaching statistical concepts.

No, it is free for all users.