Operating Steps

1.Enter the desired number of IP addresses in the “Data Quantity” box.

2.Click the “Generate” button to create the IP addresses.

3.Use “Copy All” to copy the data, or click “Export” to choose a format and export the file.

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Fast Fake IP Address V4 Generator

1.Network Engineers and IT Professionals:

For testing network configurations and analyzing IP-based routing and blocking scenarios without using real IP addresses.

2.Developers and Testers:

To simulate various network conditions and test applications or systems that use IP addresses.

3.Cybersecurity Experts:

For creating mock IP datasets to train and test security systems against potential threats.

4.Educational Use:

Instructors can use it to teach students about IP networking and data analysis without exposing real network data.

Privacy-Focused Mock Data Creation

At MockDataGen, we prioritize your privacy and security. Our platform operates entirely locally without the need for user accounts or login. All data generation and processing happen on your device, ensuring that no user-generated data is stored or at risk. This approach guarantees the utmost confidentiality and minimizes privacy concerns, making it a safe choice for all users.

Features at a Glance

1.High Volume Generation:

Capable of generating up to 1 million IP addresses, suitable for large-scale testing.


Quick generation of data, enabling efficient testing and simulation.

3.Data Export Flexibility:

Supports exporting in multiple formats, catering to diverse needs.

4.Safe and Secure:

Generates fake IP addresses, ensuring no real network is compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Up to 1 million in a single batch.

No, they are for simulation and testing purposes only.

JSON, XML, CSV, TXT formats are available.

Yes, there's a “Copy All” feature.

Network engineers, developers, cybersecurity experts, and educators.